1964: The Dominating Team

Clettis "Ray" White

Flight Team, 1964

I was reading the Flying Aggie history in one of the Facebook pages.  (I cannot find that page now to provide to you)  It gave the years that the Aggies had won the NIFA Championship and were winners of the Loening trophy.The history did not go back far enough to include the 1964 winning team.The Stillwater article below provides dates of past winnings to be added to the Facebook history.In 2015 I gave a talk to the Flying Aggies and presented the following history.  I recently provided this to Joy Fieldsend, Alumni Program Coordinator.  The Program is publishing a book of stories about OSU and this story is to be included.  Believe you will find this interesting.


Subject:  The 1964 Okla. State Univ Flying Aggies NIFA

Championship Teamplus information of then and 2015.

From the Stillwater paper:

"WINNING TEAM---Oklahoma State University's 1964

Flying Aggies won their eighth team championship in 15

years last weekend at the National Intercollegiate

Flying Association meet in Bozeman, Mont.  They won

the prestigious Grover Loening trophy, the meet

championship First Place award,and the Female and

Male First Place awards.  Shown with the 10 trophies wonat the meet are (kneeling) Keith Mackey, left, Stillwater, and Ray White, Wetumka.  Girls are Roxie Trivitt, left, Perry; Carol Hutton, Custer; and Kim Bailey, El Reno, First Place Female Pilot.  Back row, Art Bogie, left, Boynton; Jim Kelln, Shattuck; Randy McCoy, Stillwater; Jerry Yates, Altus,First Place Male Pilot; Roy Standridge, Lindsay; and Tiner Lapsley, faculty sponsor and advisor.  Not shown are Joe cooper, Grainola, and Bob Swaim, Okeene.  The Aggies placed in all four events in the national competition--cross-country navigation, bomb drop, power-on and power off landings-- to easily outdistance the 22 team field."We also won the American Airlines Safety Award. (Perhaps the trophy with the airline airplane on it.)  The team won 100%of the five team awards.  The remaining 5 trophies mentioned were individual trophies awarded for first, second, and third place.  Had we won one more individual award, the team would have won 50% of the individua lawards.  As it was, one competing team out of three took home one award, the other two of the three had none.The result of all this was - and perhaps is - that the 1964 OSU team dominated the competition more than ANY OTHER SCHOOL’S team before or since.Did it? (Obviously the present larger number of competing teams and the added events makes it a "whole-new-ballgame" than the 60's.)In 2015 I contacted the NIFA Headquarters and asked them the 'domination' question.  They reported no contest history existed before 1986.  Their records, since then, did not provide the data which would give us an answer.However, the official asked for the club picture and accompanying narrative.He wanted to add it to their files.  Do not remember to what purpose he was going to use them.I toured the Air and Space Museum in San Diego in the 90's.  "OUR" retired NIFA Grover Loening traveling trophy with "Oklahoma State University"engraved with other winners was on display in the Grover Loening exhibit.In 2015 I contacted the museum curator and stated our part of the trophy's history.  I proposed he might exhibit our picture, with narrative, in thedisplay as an example of teams identified on the trophy.   The information was sent to him, but I do not know if it became a part of the Grover Loening exhibit.


I hope my wanderings have been informative and entertaining.

Clettis "Ray" White,  Go Pokes!