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Fly Sixty!


About Sixty

N600SU is a 1969 150K! Sixty's tail number was originally N6191G but was changed to N600SU in 1986. She has provided thousands of affordable flight hours to our members for generations.

Who can fly Sixty?

Dues-paying Flying Aggies members that have gone through the checkout process.

Follow Sixty on Instagram: @N600SU

Checkout Process

Please ensure that you're a dues-paying member!

  1. Schedule a time to take your Sixty Written with Christopher Foster!​​​

    • You must score at least 80% to pass.​

    • Review your basic private pilot knowledge and look over Sixty's SOP.

  2. Once passed, schedule a checkout flight. This flight will take 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Sixty's POH

Sixty's SOP

Rent Sixty

You can rent Sixty by contacting Christopher Foster! A new rental website is under construction. 


Important Information:

  • Sixty can be rented for $65 an hour wet.

  • Please do not fill up Sixty's oil more than 5 quarts. It will spit the oil back up in the cowling.

  • You must get permission from the officer team, namely Christopher, if you are planning on: taking Sixty more than 150nm, renting her overnight, or flying more than 12 consecutive hours.

Coming Soon
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