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Meet our 2023-2024 Team

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headshot - ryan.JPG

Ryan Austin


  • Instagram

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas


Favorite Airplane: Rockwell B-1 Lancer


Favorite Aggies Memory: "American Airlines Trip!"

headshot - sarah.JPG

Sarah Schafer

Vice President

  • Instagram

Hometown: Houston, Texas


Favorite Airplane: Gulfstream G650


Favorite Aggies Memory: "Going to football games with the Flying Aggies!"

headshot - dash.JPG

Dash Ahlstrom


  • Instagram

Hometown: Houston, Texas


Favorite Airplane: Lockheed U-2


Favorite Aggies Memory: "Dinners/competitions with the flight team. They really are some of the most inviting, friendly people out there; they mean a lot to me."

headshot - chloe.JPG

Chloe Behrends


  • Instagram

Hometown: Mendon, Michigan


Favorite Airplane: Boeing 757-300

Favorite Aggies Memory: "AA Headquarters Tour!"

headshot - caitlin.JPG

Caitlin Sigala


  • Instagram

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas


Favorite Airplane: Boeing 777


Favorite Aggies Memory: "American Airlines Trip."

headshot - macy.JPG

Macy Newman

Marketing Chair

  • Instagram

Hometown: Plano, Texas


Favorite Airplane: 4734A (Cessna A152)


Favorite Aggies Memory: "The American Airlines Trip!"

headshot - christopher.JPG

Christopher Foster

Safety Officer

  • Instagram

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri


Favorite Airplane: Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

Favorite Aggies Memory: "There are so many! From the Fly-in, to trips, to time spent with others. I look back fondly on the 2022 Flight Team NIFA Regionals trip."

headshot - emma.JPG

Emma Dunnigan

Community Outreach

  • Instagram

Hometown: Ponca City, Oklahoma


Favorite Airplane: Aérospatiale


Favorite Aggies Memory: "The tow truck breaking the Nav light off of Sixty."

headshot - anna.JPG

Anna Hoey

Social Chair

  • Instagram

Hometown: Jenks, Oklahoma


Favorite Airplane: Piper Cub


Favorite Aggies Memory: "The Fly-in!"

headshot - derrick.JPG

Derrick Denney

Banquet Chair

  • Instagram

Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma


Favorite Airplane: SR-71 Blackbird


Favorite Aggies Memory: "Guessing songs off the first five seconds in the car on the way to the American Airlines Headquarters."

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